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Film Screenings followed by discussions is, was, and will be a well-accepted tradition of our Thinking Films Project.

To continue this tradition, and to encourage cinephiles, artists, and community members to express or showcase their film reels or works, every month we feature a film of any one genre or language.

Blockbusters, classics, arthouse, experimental, documentaries, noir, and foreign films, all are welcome.

It is quite rare to find archival works celebrating the lives of some of Pakistan’s remarkable and unforgettable people. This served as one of the reasons why for this Month’s Thinking Films – it was an extreme honor to collaborate with one such organization.

Our November’s screening not only featured a musical legend but also aired a never before seen documentary based on the artist’s life, his surroundings, and his philosophy.

The documentary is a production of Eveready Pictures- affiliated with Eveready Group of Companies– founded by J.C Anand. The documentary was a tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, directed by Mr. Nadeem Beyg; known for his works namely, “Yeh Jawani Phir Nahi Ani”. A film recorded to be one of the highest-grossing Lollywood films. 

One of the interesting facts shared with us regarding the movie was its real-time tie-in with the artist’s life.

The documentation started during the time of his life, featuring his interview, his life’s happenings; as a result, there came this sense of nostalgia, nearing the end of the documentary, which usually comes when dealing with his works, and his literary flare. The film was long after his passing away.

To Review:

A short-feature documentary is of roughly forty-five minutes. It is delivered as what one can describe, a realistic yet comforting narrative of Nusrat’s background, all the while displaying perfectly his journey and direction throughout his life, his spiritual and poetic grasp, and his self-discovery.

Special Thanks

Safe to say that we have plenty more planned ahead for each of our projects and this was merely just the beginning. Special thanks to Eveready Pictures for the collaboration. You can check out more of their work here.

Got some ideas for us to consider? Send us an email – we would love to hear from you! 

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