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Commemorating Perveen Shakir: In Dinon Hum Pe Guftugu He Bohat

About the event

As commemoration for Parveen Shakir, join us as we engage Shahida Hasan, Ambreen Amber and Hassan in discussing and appreciating the life and work of Parveen Shakir. As Rekhta describes, Parveen Shakir was a poet of new and fresh expression who subtly emoted the feelings of women about men. Her poetry is neither the sighing and lamenting traditional poetry nor openly romantic poetry. The intensity of emotion and its simple yet artistic expression is the characteristic of Parveen Shakir’s poetry. Her poetry is the manifestation of the struggle of union and separation, where neither of the two, reaches fruition. Parwin’s sincerity, exquisiteness, and purity of expression helped her achieve a distinguished position in women’s Urdu poetry.


Shahida Hasan

Ambreen Amber

Moderator Hassan

Date: Saturday, 26th December 2020

Time: 8:00 PM- 9:00PM

Location: Facebook Premiere