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“Our painful colonial past, neocolonial present and the dangerous perspectives for our future converge on the question of Palestine” – Eqbal Ahmad.
Pioneering In The Nuclear Age: An Essay on Israel and the Palestinians, April 1, 1984
Inspired by the work and legacy of Eqbal Ahmad’s life and career, the Eqbal Ahmad Fan Page is excited to announce a special Karachi viewing of the Creative Interruptions Documentary film Project “Films of the Palestinian Revolution” + Q+A Special Guests (Skype). These are a rare set of films almost lost to the world due to Israeli military action in 1982.
The quest for Palestinian Liberation was a central focus in Eqbal Ahmad’s life and work. We are excited to explore this further with the Creative Interruptions Cinema of the Palestinian Revolution Film Project. These are an exceptional films about the Palestinian cause spanning from the late 60s to the aftermath of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the early 80’s.
Through this period and beyond, Eqbal was part of the Palestinian movement, at the point of crisis and warning of dangers such as the 1982 invasion. His critical insights were called upon addressing long term strategy, organisation and tactics. Cinema of the Palestinian Revolution allows us to be both part of the movement and moment, engaging with Eqbal’s insights. Exploring in the present the development of culture and preservation of collective memory. This showing is in collaboration with Creative Interruption, Documentary Association of Pakistan and T2F.
During the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, the Israeli military destroyed the Palestinian Film Unit archive and stole its contents. Access is still controlled by the Israeli military and denied to Palestinians. This screening is the product of filmmakers and creative practitioners working to rescue, restore and exhibit Palestinian films from ‘the long 1970s’, including Azza El-Hassan, Dr Bashar Shammout and Kassem Hawal, with Dr Anandi Ramamurthy of Sheffield Hallam University supporting the process, as the lead investigator of Creative Interruptions’ Palestinian strand.
Film Summary and Trailers; these five films all emphasise the production of culture. Zaharat Al Madain highlights the symbolic role of the city of Jerusalem, Palestine In the Eye pays homageto the Filmmaker Hani Jawhareih, Ismail Shammout’s films use music and painting to narrate history and the aims of the liberation movement, and finally Palestinian Identity highlights the intellectual ideas that influenced the PLO’s Arts and Culture Unit and gives witness to the diversity of its cultural productions in the face of settler colonialism.
1. The Flower of All Cities – (Zahrat Al-Madain), Dir. Ali Siam, 1969, Palestine (7 mins)
– https://vimeo.com/328533142
2. Palestine in the Eye, Dir. PLO Film Unit/Mustafa Abu Ali, 1976, Palestine (28 mins)
– https://vimeo.com/328544609
3. The Urgent Call of Palestine, Dir. Ismail Shammout, 1973, Palestine (5 mins)
– https://vimeo.com/328549469
4. Glow of Memories, Dir. Ismail Shammout, 1972, Palestine (12 mins)
– https://vimeo.com/328543369
5. Palestinian Identity, Dir. Kassem Hawal, 1984, Palestine (40 mins)
– https://vimeo.com/328545236
Creative Interruptions explores the artistic expressions of disenfranchised communities that challenge power, and aims to bring attention to the plunder of cultural artefacts by the Israeli military and to put those artefacts into wider circulation. Creative Interruptions Cinema of the Palestinian Revolution Film Project –
Date: Sunday, 24th November 2019
Time: 06:30 PM – 09:00 PM
Location: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free!