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Maa Dharti Presents Nisf Iman

Maa Dharti Presents Nisf Iman

Date: Tuesday, 26th January 2021 Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM Location: Facebook Premiere

About the event

About Nisf Iman:
Nisf Iman (meaning Half the Faith) referred to Cleanliness and Purity, is an effort for environmental betterment possible through spreading awareness by educating and helping people realize their responsibility towards their surroundings so to encourage them to adapt to green-living.
Inspired by PM Imran Khan’s #BillionTreeTsunami project, we at Nisf Iman aim to design and conduct plantation activities or green-drives in downtrodden and less greener areas of Karachi, through support from scouting Karachiites, sponsors or anyone who wishes to become a viable member of our team.
People can participate by sharing stories of their contribution in maintaining healthy green practices that go beyond just a casual horticulture activity. It could be setting up a small kitchen garden, a rooftop garden or efforts in reducing plastic, water consumption and collection of rainwater, going paper-free by going online, putting solar energy to use, or switching from CFL to LED lights or investing intelligently in energy efficient home appliances, growing our own veggie patches, practicing minimalism etc, any way that helps reduce your environmental footprint and keeps your home healthy, light and green.
Nisf Iman believes green-living is a lifestyle change. It ignites responsibility and makes the community feel positively grounded, one where people stay determined, dedicated and disciplined throughout their lives.


Asim Shah Kakakhel (Founder, Nisf Iman):
Asim Shah Kakakhel is a professional in Strategic Marketing Communications, Business and Brand Management. With a strong urge to do something to uplift and benefit the community at large, he initiated the Nisf Iman project as a CSR activity that is gradually metamorphosing into a nationwide campaign. He accidentally fell into acting and has appeared on different dramas which is another feather in his creative cap!

Sasha Scheherazade:

Sasha Scheherzade started her career as a teacher and then editor for a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine. She’s a contributing writer and has a keen eye for graphics and content creation. She holds work experience with different digital media houses. She’s the founder of Readerscafe: a platform for readers through which she aims to connect coffee culture with books, a culture that fosters a healthy community of writers, publishers, and readers.
Date: Tuesday, 26th January 2021
Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM
Location: Facebook Premiere