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Shakespeare Hour

About the Event:

Initially conceived as a forum to reach out to children and young adults, the Shakespeare Hour is a program introducing selected extracts from Shakespeare’s plays and inviting opinion and debate among the participants, encouraging reflection, drawing comparisons with contemporary personal and public experiences and sharing life-lessons with reference to the context. The themes and content of Shakespeare’s plays are universal and timeless. The characters in the stories are still in us and around us, and in delving into and discussing their emotions, their struggles, their triumphs and disasters, their journeys to self discovery, we can empathise and open windows into our own souls and find deeper meaning in our lives.

About the Host

A graduate of Kinnaird College, Lahore, where she studied Psychology, Philosophy and Literature, Sophia Bokhari has been teaching English Literature in Karachi for the last twenty years, but prefers to be known as a learner rather than a teacher of this subject. Her special field of interest is the Elizabethan era and Shakespeare’s works. She considers the study of Literature to be the building block of any civilised society and an essential tool for character building and character enhancement, especially effective in influencing young minds. Her basic purpose in creating The Shakespeare Hour is to open up a platform to revive appreciation of the beauty of words and reflection on how they can inspire us and impact our lives in positive ways.

Date: Sunday, 20th December 2020

Time: 8:00 PM

Location: Facebook Premiere