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T2F might just be the perfect space you to plan your next event. From film screenings to private gatherings, our
Faraar Gallery space is spacious, accessible and set up with visual and audio equipment that can cater to a variety of
different kinds of events.

But before you pitch us your next big idea, please consider the questions below when you reach out.

  • Are you planning a private event or is it open to public?
  • Where do you want the event to take place?
    Do you need the Faraar Gallery? Do you want to run a small meeting or course of about 10 people in our Conference Room? Check out this link to find out more about the spaces we have available in the “Spaces” section of our website: www.t2f.com.pk
  • When do you want to plan your event?
    Please provide a series of dates and times you’re considering, preferably with at least 3-4 weeks lead time for us to coordinate, prepare and help you execute a fantastic event.
  • What is your event about?
    It might help to pretend you’re writing your Facebook event description. Who is this event catering to? What will it entail? What is the order of activities within your event? Share as much information here as you can! Key speaker bios, film/book summaries and creative concept are very useful in helping us understand what you want to plan.
  • How will this be promoted?
    Will you make the artwork for social channels (our logo has to be included)? If you want us to make the artwork, we need high-res images, concept and event details to work with!
  • What materials do you need on the day?
    Do you need chairs? How many? Will you bring your own laptop and for a film screening? Want to select menu items to be offered for your guests? Check out this link to find out more about what we have available at www.t2f.com.pk. If you don’t see what you need on this page, we might be able to help you arrange additional materials for set up – just let us know what you require!
  • Are you selling anything?
    Be it tickets or merchandise, in order to keep our space running so that we can continue to support your events, we do take a 30% commission of most items sold at T2F. We are a non-profit NGO, but we do need support so that we can keep our doors open! Keep this in mind when pitching to us. Depending on your idea, we can brainstorm ideas on how we can support each other.

Depending on your event, we may require additional information, so remember the more information you share with us the better! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@peaceniche.org if you need any guidance. We look forward to receiving your event proposals!