Hand of God

As the ‘Hand of God’ rests; Argentina’s most loved footballer and comrade, Diego Armando Maradona, dies of a Heart Attack at the age of 60. Although his death is putting a toll on the entire fleet of his fans. But not surprised.

The Magician

As Guillem Balague claims that he was a Man inhabiting various versions of himself. Such as sorcerer, deceiver, god, poor talented, loving father, generous. Absolutely unfaithful husband, arrogant, sorcerer’s son. Cocaine broke his body. He made it fall on the top of the mountain and down.

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50178188 It can be said that he made what football is perceived as today; bearing grievous wounds and injuries on the front, Maradona tanked through and shaped the rules of the game.

Among such experiences, there is no denying that his addictions painted over his fame and his life throughout his career and retirement, till his demise.

It is clear that such a man living a life of contradiction rebelled in life. Learning, improving, and influencing yourself and others as you travel.

Beyond The Field

Beyond the field, Maradona took center stage quite often due to his political affiliations, opinions, and stances.

Giving accreditation to the Cuban Medical System for saving his life, Maradona inked Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, addressing them as his heroes.

He was a strong voice for the oppressed and unflinchingly expressed his distaste for the United States system, claiming it to be one pervasive of violence, oppression, and exploitation.

During his life, Maradona maintained ties with and showed constant support to his comrades, Castro, and late Hugo Chavez. His most recent show of support was for Evo Morales against the protests, and what he described as a “coup” which arose in Bolivia.

It’s easy to portray a man like Maradona as one of the many titles he has won. Drug addict, controversial rebel, God of football, a partner.

But there is no denying that he is among a select few whose life, efforts, and experiences contribute in the making not only football but also in strengthening the camaraderie of comrades throughout the world.

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