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Science Ka Adda

Science Ka Adda is a platform to discuss science and how it impacts our lives. An informal gallery setting provides a lay audience an opportunity to understand scientific concepts, discover new ideas in technology, and engage with leading scientists in open debate – sans the intimidation and/or the monotony of a typical classroom lecture. The format for the monthly sessions is usually a presentation by a scientist on a given topic, followed by
an informal Q&A and discussion.

Thinking Films

For artists and cinephiles we present Thinking Films, a series of film screenings curated to explore storytelling in world cinema. Our selection is not fixated on any one genre or language. Blockbusters, classics, arthouse, experimental and foreign films will all have their day at Thinking Films! The films are introduced an open discussion.

Urdu Hai Mera Naam

“Urdu hai mera naam main Khusro ki paheli
Main Meer ki humraaz hoon Ghalib ki saheli”
Though Urdu is the 4th most widely spoken language of the world, if you count it together with Hindi, it is fast metamorphosing into something new, with the influx of English words and social media lingo. Urdu Hai Mera Naam is a project that attempts to connect the youth with the rich literary heritage of Urdu language while connecting the classical with the contemporary.

Philosophy Circle

In ancient Greece, the study of life, existence and knowledge was called ‘Philosophy’, which means ‘Love of Wisdom’. But what makes philosophy different from other disciplines, how has it evolved over the ages and how do we engage in it today? Why is it important that we do it at all, and does it really add value to our lives? In a world where we are constantly told what to think and how to live by structures that dehumanize us, philosophy can be a remarkably effective tool in becoming a good and reasonable human being. It can also teach us to sharpen thinking skills in general, which can be employed in all areas of life. This program is an invitation to both the philosophically uninitiated and the philosophically versed, to engage in asking some of the most central questions that are relevant to human life.

Qavvaali Series

Qavvali at T2f has been a decade long tradition, since the founder Sabeen Mahmud started promoting Qavvaal masters from all the Gharaanas of Karachi, many of whom have gone on to become world renowned performers. T2f is still a place where both young and upcoming exponents of Qavvali as well as established masters of the tradition come readily to perform.

Sur Ka Safar

Sur Ka Safar is a ‘melodic journey’ curated at T2f by master musician and professor of mathematics Yousuf Kerai. This monthly series can include all genres of live music, from pure Classical to Jazz and Contemporary, and has featured master instrumentalists, vocalists and ensembles from across Pakistan and beyond.

First Fridays Open Mic Night

Everyone knows that the first Friday of every month is open mic night at T2f! Featuring Karachi’s emerging talent, First Fridays Open Mic is a platform for musicians, poets, and comedians to perform, improvise and experiment in an informal setting. Performers do not need to pre-register. Just show up with your voice, instrument, props or whatever else you may need to get up and perform. But look for our host who will put your name down on the list – spaces are limited so first come first served!

Dance Mandala

Dance Mandala is a monthly one-day walk-in workshop that encourages authentic self-expression and cultivates stillness and bliss through moving meditation. Through free-form movement, music, and gently guided instruction, participants are exposed to motion that confronts the rigidity and tension of their own bodies. The instructor: Alizeh Valjee holds a BA in Psychology & Religion from Mount Holyoke College, an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling from CPPD, UK, and is a certified freeform movement meditation facilitator. Slots are limited so make sure to be on time!

Dholi Taro Drum Circle

Is Karachi’s frenzy affecting you? Do you feel overwhelmed or exhausted? Come and channel it all through the age-old practice of communal drumming. Dholi Taro Drum Circle is as much an exercise of therapy as a fun community-bonding activity. The physical, emotional, mental, and social healing of this session is best experienced rather than spoken about. Every last Friday of the month the T2f building reverberates with the sound of the drums and stomping feet. A word of advice: It can get pretty crowded so either come early or bring your own percussion if you don’t want to be left out!

Maa Dharti Project

Mother Earth is a living organism upon whose health and well-being depends our very survival. All the leading scientists from across the world are in agreement that the accesses and greed of the human race have made Mother Earth sick and that very soon she might be pushed to the point of no return. It is up to us to change our behavior and own up to the responsibility of being the guardians of this planet, instead of its executioners. The Maa Dharti Project was developed in partnership with leading environmentalist Tofiq Pasha Mooraj (The
Maali), with the purpose of developing a blueprint to protect the Earth and reverse its destruction. The project consists of gathering and disseminating knowledge on all the various aspects of the environment and bringing leading environmentalists and conservationists on a single platform; and includes series of talks, panel discussions, plantation and cleanup drives and implementation of holistic

Jambro Jamathon

Jambro is an app developed by a couple of innovative musicians of Karachi that encourages musicians to interact and connect with each other while keeping updated about any current jam sessions that might be taking place in their vicinity. Jambro Jamathon is a series of jam sessions, hosted in collaboration with Jambro, that take place regularly at the best Jam Spaces of Karachi, one of them of course being T2f! This high powered jam session often features some of the most talented musicians from the music industry of Pakistan and represents the vibrant jam culture of the city, where the music is always real and spontaneous! Limited jamming slots are available on merit and first-come first-served basis.

Comedy Nights

It has not only been proven that laughter is the best therapy for the existential experience of life, but comedy and wit since time immemorial, have also always been used to talk about issues that otherwise are considered as taboo or a threat to the status quo.
T2f has a history of being a conducive platform for both upcoming and established comedians and readily hosts and curates various forms of comedy including stand-up, improve and staged performances in partnership with several comedy networks from around the city.

Hafta-Itvaar Art Bazaar

Previously the JummaHafta Art Bazaar is an occasional weekend festival of art, music, literature, performance, food and craft stalls that takes place both inside and outside the T2f premises, where we dream up new collaborations, interactive features, community-meets, pop-up exhibitions, open studios, and more. Hafta-Itvaar Art Bazaar is a manifestation of public art that spills onto the streets to meet with the neighbors halfway. This mini-festival incorporates a spectrum of artistic genres and stretches the limits of how a contemporary show can be defined!

Creative Karachi Festival (CKF)

T2f’s Creative Karachi Festival is Sabeen’s gift to our city – a two-day grand festival held in the generous grounds of the Alliance Francaise in Karachi, that celebrates the talent and spirit of Karachi’s creative communities. The weekend programs feature music performances, qavvaali, dramatic readings, art, photography, design, crafts, dance, stargazing, and a host of interactive activities. The CKF is one of Karachi’s most loved events and brings out and magnifies all of the annual programing of T2f into the open and. The mood of the festival has been famously described by Sabeen as a ‘non-stop party in the park!’