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‘the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.’

– Excerpts from Chief Seattle’s Letter (1854)

Climate change is among the most pressing global issues, it has become a hot topic in public opinion and media, yet for most people it is still an abstract concept. The effects of climate change call for creative and innovative solutions since it causes resource depletion, population pressure, climate induced migration, urban and rural issues, changes in lifestyle, changing needs, changing cultural values, and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has been listed as the 7th most vulnerable country affected by climate change, and is now seriously tackling the eccentricity of weather, both at the official as well as non-official level.

The extreme weather change has become a regular phenomenon and it has had a very strong impact on the local environment, causing urban decay, change in culture, an increase in industrial wastage has caused water, land & air pollution, deforestation of mangroves has tampered with the breeding grounds for fishes, the glaciers are melting, livestocks are affected, the heatwave that took more than 1,200 lives in Karachi only two years ago has since been visiting us with greater frequency and intensity regularly.

Floods and hydro disasters are wiping off riverine communities annually and if not the floods, draught is causing misery in several regions, plus the air quality in Pakistan exceeds safe limits in all major cities.

There are 135,000 deaths per year due to air pollution, making it he leading cause of sickness and death in Pakistan. Climate change is real, and the time to act is now!


Faraar Gallery invites visual artists, designers, photographers and researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in an exhibition and to showcase their creative response to climate change. This will be an opportunity to explore the relation of art and environment, and to share your perspective about the change in the air, water, fire and earth and how it is effecting the local territories.

Mediums used must show sensitivity to biodegradability, use of recyclable material is encouraged, for example, fabric/textile, ready-made, found object, essentially mediums which promote eco-sustainability.

All applications must include an artist statement, bio, portfolio and your CV!

Send in your submissions at

Submission Deadline: 6 PM, Wednesday, 20.11.2019

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