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Project Description

One of our favorite thinkers, Marshall McLuhan, said “art is anything you can get away with”, and we’ve taken that toheart. Faraar, which means ‘escape’ in Urdu, is a visual arts and new media space for artists, photographers, and graphic designers. Our aim is to create visual arts awareness amongst children and adults, promote and showcase emerging local talent, document Pakistan’s art history, and deliver customized art solutions for interior spaces. Home to T2F’s bookstore, merchandise store, as well as a variety of events, workshops and performances, Faraar Gallery is a platform for creative expression that PeaceNiche/T2F is dedicated to showcasing to the community and beyond. To pitch an event, launch, performance or workshop at Faraar Gallery, please email info@peaceniche.org or call us on +(92-21) 3538-9043 for rates and information.

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