PeaceNiche/T2F is proud to announce its participation in ‘Sigh of the Musaafir‘ a cultural exchange programme along with Kalaboration and Birmingham Repertory Theatre, as part of the Transforming Narratives project by Cultural Central in Birmingham, UK.
‘The Sigh of the Musaafir’ will be an inter-cultural inter-disciplinary project that with artists and curators from the UK and Pakistan collaborating together to create a stage production that will trace the journey of people of the land around the river Indus starting from the time of the ancient Indus Valley
Civilization, all the way through to the partition of the subcontinent and beyond to the immigration of workers to the United Kingdom and the modern sovereign country of Pakistan. Six artists will travel from Karachi to Birmingham in March to start the first phase of the project, with each bringing something unique: Arieb Azhar as co-director, orator and musician; Suhaee Abro as choreographer and dancer; Waqas Hussain and Gul Muhammad as classical musicians blending with a contemporary performance; Nirmala Maghani as a folk and classical vocalist; and Zeerak Ahmed as electronic music producer and visual artist.
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